Florian Maindl Front-end developer

Hi! I am passionate about what I do. Nothing is more compelling than creating an intuitive interface. I develop, I learn and I improve. I prefer testing over theory and guessing. I want to see all competences in a team, including ux and design. For the cause of progress and quick decisions I can be inpatient. My colleagues would describe me as social, honest and funny.

By the way, webpages should be accessible for everyone.

Latest work history

Currently employed at Valtech AB in Stockholm, Sweden

Current project

recept.nu & fotbollskanalen.se

Dec 2013 - ongoing
Work description
For recept.nu we are developing a responsive solution, wrapped in a new design. The mockups were done using Grunt and Bower, together with Compass for SASS and jQuery before moving over all stylesheets and javascript files to Visual Studio 2012.

For fotbollskanalen.se we implement new features and give the webpage a facelift. That also includes the transformation of the current css files to SASS files and simpily the code as much as possible to make it more easily maintainable. The same goes for the js files.

Previous project

Aleris AB

May 2013 - Dec 2013
Work description
We were a cross-functional team, developing a responsive webpage which was launched in Sweden, Danmark and Norway in January. All of these countries had different demands on the functionaility and ease-of-use. The webpage was deleloped using the Golden Grid System, SASS and jQuery.

In private

Living in Stockholm for eight and a half years now and still loving it. Originally from Austria, from between the mountains :-) I am very much interested in art and movies. When I am not at the movies, I am studying Finnish.